Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers for Sussex Outreach Services Food Pantry shifts must be at least 13 years of age!  You must be registered as a volunteer before volunteering, which can be done by completing the form below.  Minors must have a form signed by their parents prior to volunteering.  Minors must also be dropped off and picked up from volunteering promptly by a responsible party.  Parents of minors are encouraged to volunteer at least once with their child.  If your group has different ideas for volunteerism for SOS, please contact Jennifer Waltz, Executive Director at director@sussexareasos.org.  There are so many wonderful and creative ways to help!  Thank you.


We need a volunteer or several that will come in to the Food Pantry, shop for food items and then deliver to our home bound clients.  You can set your own schedule with the client and everyone lives within the Hamilton School District.  We have some lovely clients who are unable to leave their homes.  This volunteer job takes less than an hour and needs to be twice a month.  Please contact Shannon at 262-347-3565 for more information or if you are able to help. 

We are looking for volunteers to work weekday mornings, from 9am-12pm, sorting and stocking food, clothing and house ware donations.  We particularly need help on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Please contact Jennifer Waltz directly at director@sussexareasos.org if you would be interested in this very rewarding opportunity to give back to your community.

Volunteer Application